Rental Terms

Terms & Conditions

  • The rental agreement consists of all the terms and conditions on this page .
  • Each driver must hold a valid driving license for cars which was issued at least one and a half year before the first day of the rental period, and he or she must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Driver must have a valid Greek, European (for E.U. countries, UK, USA, Canada, Australia & Israel) or International (for countries that don't belong to E.U.)driving license.
  • Vehicle should not be used against the terms and conditions of the agreement, to carry more persons that it is licensed for, to propel or tow any vehicle trailer or other objects ,to transfer or carry heavy luggage or objects or inflammable materials, to drive out of asfalt.
  • Vehicle should not be used in any race test or contest and will not be operated or driven by any person other than the renter unless such person has been previously authorized by the lessor.
  • If vehicle is obtained by fraud or used for an illegal purpose than the renter is liable to penal prosecution.
  • If the customer wants to prolong the rental period of the vehicle he has to contact the lessor at his offices at least 24 hours before the initial expiration time. Otherwise the lessor can not guarantee availability.
  • Traffic fines e.g. for disregarding traffic signs, excessive speed, parking in prohibited areas etc. are to be paid by the renter.
  • Key Service: In case of key loss, damage, or when locked in the vehicle, we will charge at least 70,00 Euro depending on key type and distance from our nearest station.
  • * For cancelations, there will not be any penalties for changes made up to 48 hours before the start of your rental. *


  • Fully comprehensive insurance (CDW), covering any damage to all vehicles, caused by the legal driver, coverage (without excess)*
  • Vehicle insurance against fire, theft, and broken glass, coverage without own participation (without excess)*
  • Third parties liability insurance covering death or bodily injury up to 1.300.000 Euros maximum per person and material damage up to 1.300.000 Euro per accident.
  • Passengers insurance (except for the driver) covering death or bodily injury up to 1.300.000 Euros maximum per person and material damage up to 1.300.000 Euro per accident
  • Drivers insurance covering death or bodily injury up to 12.000 Euro.
  • Legal protection 15.000 Euros per accident.
  • Road assistance 24 hours a day

The insurance will not cover

  • An accident following consuming alcohol or drugs
  • A different driver than those signing the contract
  • Damages resulting from negligent actions (ex. driving with a flat tire, off road use except 4wheel drive vehicles)
  • The loss of the key


  • The cars will be delivered and dropped off at the time confirmed in your reservation.
  • FOR RENTAL SHORTER THAN 3 DAYS ONLY : for airport deliveries or drop offs a charge of  40.00 € to 60€, will be added to the cost.
  • For different pick up - drop off deliveries there is an additional cost. This depends on the distance and the size of the car.
  • For after hour delivery (23.00-07.00) there is 25€ extra charge.
  • For an additional 5 euro a day the insurrance will cover damage on tires and the bottomside of the car.
  • Fuel service – the car must be returned with the same amount of fuel at the time of delivery.
  • No extra charges are required for road map, baby seat, second driver as well as for unlimited mileage.
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